Phat Phog 50ml Shortfills

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PhatCurrant by Phat Phog features a delicious blend of ripe blackcurrants blended together to form this juice filled vape. This vape has a intense sweet flavour followed by a refreshing aroma sending both your taste buds and nose into a frenzy, you are guaranteed to come back for more. 

Phat G by Phat Phog features sweet dark grapes blended together with cool menthol to form a delicious vape that captures the juicy flavours and aroma of grapes followed by a blast of menthol.

PhatMango by Phat Phog features fresh slices of tropical mango blended into this delicious vape. This vape has a decadent sweet flavour with refreshing undertones and a fruity aroma. 

Phat Melon by Phat Phog features slices of freshly cut melons blended together to form a fruity and juicy vape with a sweet taste and refreshing aroma. 

PhatPhunk by Phat Phog features a amazing blend of fresh juicy pineapple slices combined with a blast of cooling minty menthol. This vape is sweet to taste and have a refreshing aroma.