Vapour Lounge Warranty

At the Vapour Lounge Ltd, all of our products are supplied directly from the manufacturer in order for us to guarantee only the safest and most trusted products are sold within our stores.

With all technology, especially products containing lithium ion batteries, it is vital to use these properly to avoid any problems and stay safe, hence why we always give full information when either buying in store or on-line. Please read our warranty guide with some helpful tips to keep you right and vaping safely.

Batteries – One month manufacturers guarantee

Electronic cigarettes use lithium ion batteries the most popular type of rechargeable battery used in portable equipment. They can however be dangerous under certain conditions and can pose a safety hazard. Because of this, the testing standards for these batteries are extremely stringent and all of our batteries have passed extensive testing.  

Manufacturer’s information implies that the life of a battery that is not abused depends upon the number of charge cycles it undergoes (how much you charge it) and not on how long you have had it. Based on weekly use, our batteries have a life expectancy between 3 and 6 months. The majority of our batteries are sold fully charged, so upon purchase in the unlikely event that there should be a manufacturers fault, this would be noticed immediately. However, within the first month of purchase, should your battery be deemed faulty or beyond repair we will happily replace it, please keep your original receipt.

Tips for users to ensure you are using your battery correctly

Never submerge your battery in water

Never expose it to extremely high or low temperatures

Never leave your battery in direct sunlight.

Remember to turn your battery off and on between uses

Do not over charge your battery or let it run completely flat

Do not keep your battery anywhere near sand as tiny bits of debris can make their way through the casing and prevent air from flowing properly

Examples of what is not covered by Manufacturing guarantee

General wear and tear of exterior of battery

If battery stops working due to being dropped and snapping internal wire

If fire button no longer works , all batteries have a maximum amount of presses of the fire button

Battery charging capacity degenerating over time – this is the nature of a lithium ion battery, just like a mobile phone and it is not a manufacturing defect

If battery plate has collected too much debris or been pushed down too much with over screwing of charger or tank

If battery casing has come disconnected from the stainless steel thread at the top. Batteries have “click” together features for safety reasons so please take care not to over screw your tank or charger

If your tank has become stuck on the top of the battery or if you bend your battery threads

Tanks – One week guarantee

If filled, stored and used correctly, then you shouldn't experience any problems with your tanks, however on the off chance you happen to experience a problem which is not your fault, this would become apparent within the first week of use, and you are covered by the manufacturers guarantee. We will happily exchange or refund you the full purchase price should the fault be a manufacturing one.

Examples not covered by manufacturing guarantee

Inappropriate handling of your tank which results in either splitting the plastic/glass or breaking any parts including the mouthpiece

Over screwing your tank to your battery and getting it stuck

Over filling your tank and getting liquid in the centre air hole causing gurgling and liquid in mouth

Losing or rinsing away rubber washers which come with the tank affecting the seal

Not waiting until liquid has absorbed on the coil before using it

Coils – One day guarantee

A coil is the piece of your tank which atomises your e-liquid and changes it into vapour. We measure coils in terms of resistance in ohms. Basically meaning how easily does your coil take the energy from the battery and heat up. Low resistance coils heat up rather easily and also burn out slight faster and should be used with low voltage batteries to maximise their life. High resistance coils have a little harder time heating up therefore can be used with slightly higher voltage and take a little longer to burn out. So please bare in mind, different coils burn out at different rates and other factors such as battery voltage can make a difference to the life of your coil.

All coils that we sell have been made and tested straight from the manufacturer, in the unlikely event in which you experience a manufacturing problem this would be apparent within the first day of use. Coils which are found to have a manufacturing fault will be replaced or refunded.

Examples not covered by manufacturing guarantee

Burning out your coil with constant use

Using too high a voltage on your battery for what the coil can take

Flooding your coil with e-liquid by either over filling or leaving it too long between uses

Using liquid not supplied by us that may clog the coil up

Taking pieces of the coil apart/pulling at the wicking material


Our warranty does not cover liquids due to the consumable nature of these products. All of our e-liquids come pre sealed and for health and safety reasons we cannot accept exchanges or refunds on any of our liquid ranges. In exceptional circumstances only, should you be unhappy with any e-liquid, we will look at this on a good will basis.

Accessories – One month manufacturer guarantee

We offer a standard one month manufacturing guarantee which covers all of our accessories products.

Please keep in mind, at The Vapour Lounge Ltd, we strive to give our customers the best possible experience and will always do everything we can to resolve any problems or queries, regardless of manufacturing guarantee.