We bet you didn’t realise there was so much to think of when getting an e-cigarette but to help you out (just in case) here is some common questions we get asked daily:


What is an electronic cigarette?

E cigs, personal vaporiser, e-fags, PVs – sound familiar? These are the names commonly used to describe the battery operated device which delivers nicotine vapour instead of tobacco smoke. Since there is no smoke, the product can be used anywhere, including places that do not allow smoking. Because there is no combustion and no smoke, there is no tar, no carcinogens, and none of the harmful chemicals found in real cigarettes. 

There are hundreds of styles, sizes and accessories available, some resemble actual cigarettes and some are even modelled on machine guns! But as a start there are three main parts to an electronic cigarette:


Battery – Batteries come in many different sizes with varying functions and different battery lifes however they simply give power to the e-cigarette and can all be recharged through a USB connection

Clearomizer – This is the part that holds the e-liquid, these can be disposable or re-usable.

Atomiser – Is what is often referred to as the ‘wick’ or ‘coil’. This is the part which heats up. The atomiser sits inside the clearomizer (which is filled with juice) and the turns the liquid into a vapour which the user inhales. With constant use, the atomiser after some time will ‘burn out’ and will need replaced.


What is e-liquid?

E-liquid generally contains four main ingredients:

Nicotine – A stimulant, addictive and similar to the affects of caffeine.

Propylene Glycol (PG) - Carries the flavour of the e-juice and contributes to the ‘throat hit’ you get when using e –cigs. A clear odourless substance used in worldwide consumer products such as asthma inhalers, moisturisers, pet food and vaccines – the list is endless!

Vegetable Glycerine (VG) – Produces the smoke like vapour. The higher the amount of VG the more vapour you exhale! A clear viscous solution, slightly thicker than PG.

Flavouring – Food flavourings mixed with the above ingredients to give the taste to the e-liquid. The more expensive the e-liquid you generally find more organic or premium flavour concentrates used!

There is also some distilled water in your e-liquid, more in the lower nicotine strengths and contrary to what many think there is actually NO oil whatsoever in them!


What type of e-liquid do you sell?

At the Vapour lounge we currently stock three of the most reputable and in demand brands of e-liquid; Hangsen, Epic Juice, Mrs Lord & Co and TripHammer!


The world’s largest e-liquid manufacturer, the CEO himself created the worlds very first PG/VG e-liquid recipe. Ever heard of RY4 flavour? Well the CEO was also the inventor of that flavour, what is now the most popular e-liquid flavour in the world.  Made in Europe, our Hangsen E-liquid products come from the only factory in Europe featuring all natural ingredients. 

Vapour Lounge Ice 

After our trip overseas to meet our manufacturers, we decided to create our very own premium liquids with an icy mint blast! We currently have 4 flavours, with more to come!

Epic Juice Premium e-liquid

Without a doubt a massive selling e-liquid, now we don’t just say this tasty juice comes from America, it is quite literally made and shipped straight from sunny California. Coming in 9 ridiculously well made flavours, these mix of 60 VG to 40 PG big 17ml bottles ensure you get loads more vapour for your money.

Mrs Lord and CO

At the Vapour Lounge we don’t do things by halves! By far one of the best selling liquid range we could get our hands on in the UK. Made exclusively in Lancashire, England, this 50VG/50PG mix of traditional British flavoured juices sells out almost every week. 


Our customers spoke and we listened! This range created by a master mixer based in Bournemouth - with 6 of the best selling flavours from 'Ye old Sweet Shoppe' range, you are guaranteed to be taken back to your childhood days with the sweet explosions!


Another absolute sell out in the states, this range comes straight from Orange County, California. A fantastic 50%PG/50%VG mix, we stock 7 galactic flavours in big 15ml bottles with masterful flavour combinations which will take you out of this world!


Our liquids range from 0mg straight up to 24mg, with over 100 flavours and variations available across the brands don’t forget every single last one is available for you to sample in store, pop in and try them out!


What strength of e-liquid should I buy?

Nicotine is measured in Milligrams (MG) and the level you need will depend on how many cigarettes you smoke please bare in mind that different brands of cigarettes contain different nicotine levels. But as a rough guide:

0-10 Cigarettes a day          0mg to 6mg

10-15 Cigarettes a day        12mg

15-25 Cigarettes a day        18mg

30-40 Cigarettes a day        24mg to 36mg        


Can I mix my strengths and flavours of e-liquid?

Absolutely! Regardless what liquid you buy from us, you can mix any strength of brand together to create your own custom flavour! We often advise our customers when working their way down the nicotine strengths to gradually start mixing in a lower strength nicotine, this helps to make it easier than going cold turkey!


How do I fill my tank with e-liquid?

Depending on what type of tank you have, they all look slightly different and come in many shapes and sizes, some fill from the top, some from the bottom. But there is one easy rule of thumb – when filling just simply don’t pour the liquid down the centre hole, pour it AROUND the hole, usually there will be a small measure on the side of the tank, anywhere between 1ml and 5 ml depending on your tank!


Why do I have a burnt taste in my mouth?

Inside every tank is a little element called the coil which is what heats up and turns your tasty e-liquid into vapour.  Regardless of what tank or kit you go for, this little coil will need replaced every now and then. Depending on how much you use your e-cig, on average every 2-4 weeks. The burning taste isn’t harmful but it just means it’s time to change the coil! Just keep in mind when your coil burns out, your liquid may be darker too!


How do I change the coil?

Depending on what tank you have, coils come in all different shapes and sizes, some are at the top of your tank, some at the bottom, there may be one or even two. But generally you open the tank up and unscrew the coil. We always give full demonstrations in store on how to change the little suckers, or pop in and we can easily do it for you. Otherwise give us a call and we will happily talk you through it!


How do I charge my battery?

The most common charging method is through a USB cable, these come included in the majority of our starter kits. You simply disconnect your tank from the battery, and screw the battery onto the threaded end of the USB cable. If your battery is very low (below 30%) when you plug it into the charger, the little light on the charger will illuminate red. When this light illuminates green - your battery is fully charged. Depending on the make and model and version of your battery, you may see a few other colours like pink or white, but generally speaking all other USBs illuminate green when fully charged.


Why is my battery not working?

This could be for a number of easily fixed reasons. Most commonly the battery is in-fact working, and it’s actually the tank which is causing the problem. If your coil is burnt out, you won’t be able to get any vapour which most commonly people put down to the battery not working. Try screwing another tank on instead or changing the coil and adding more juice.

If it is in-fact the battery, check to see if you have any e-liquid on the top of the battery where the tank would join. If you do give this a quick clean with some kitchen roll. Any liquid that may have leaked onto the top of the battery prevents the battery from passing the current to the tank. 

Have you fully charged your battery? Ensure you do this and remember the majority of batteries are either 3 clicks or 5 clicks to turn them on so maybe it’s something that simple!

Keep in mind that e-cigarette batteries have a shelf life – since they are all lithium they will all degenerate over time, meaning they won’t hold their charge as well as they used to and eventually after months of use will need replaced!


How often do I need to charge my battery?

It depends on the size of you battery and how often you use your device. Bigger batteries will take longer to charge as they have more lithium ion cells to power.


How do I extend the life of my battery?

A typical lithium – ion battery can give you on average between 200-250 charges, some larger ones can take up to 500 charges.  The more regularly you use your e-cigarette the better they perform as the easier the power flows through the cells. Try not to put your e-cigarette in your pocket or anywhere near sand as tiny bits of materials can work their way in through the casing, building up and over time may jam the button or prevent the air from flowing properly. And of course keep your e cig batteries out of direct sunlight, heat or water!

Also do not completely drain your e-cig battery. By that we mean don’t use them until the battery is almost completely flat or even below 20 % charge as this will inevitably reduce its lifespan. A lithium battery with a little bit of power left in it will charge better than one that’s completely caput!


How long will my battery last between charges?

Batteries are measured in mAh or milliamps per hour. The life of your battery between charges will depend on how often you vape, how often you hold the button down for and what voltage you use on your battery.

And a quick guide assuming your battery is new and fully charged approx:

1650 mAh battery – 16hours

1000 mAh battery – 10 hours

900 mAh battery – 9 hours

650 mAh battery – 6.5 hours


Why is my tank leaking?

Tanks are designed and made to be leak free, however they are not indestructible! If your tank is leaking it could be for a number of really simple reasons!

Firstly if your coil is burnt out this can promote a leaking tank- time to change the coil!

If you pour e-liquid down the centre air hole of the tank, the liquid will come straight out the other end and leak onto the top of the battery, just blow through the mouthpiece without the battery attached and hey pronto easily fixed!

DO you have the correct coil in your tank? You should do! But they all look so similar, if you’re unsure bring it in and we take a look!

Also as there is no glue used in any of our tanks, they are called ‘click’ together pieces or ‘screw’ together so rely on tiny little rubber o-rings to keep the seal inside the tank. Regardless of the tank you have you will more than likely see these little o-rings – just make sure you keep them – some kits come with replacements!


Loss of vapour?

Was your e cig working but now it’s lost its oomph? Run through our quick checklist


What is variable Voltage/Wattage?

Variable Voltage is similar to Variable Wattage but with Variable Voltage (VV) you need to change the voltage based on the resistance of your coil, to reach your desired vape.

Variable Wattage (VW) will automatically adjust the voltage output for you. Meaning you can use different tanks and  keep your wattage set the same to always get your preferred vaping output.


What do you mean by single coil / dual coil?

The coil is the heating element of your e-cigarette. Normally it’s made up of wicking material (that absorbs the juice) which has wire wrapped around it (which heats up) thus making the vapour. Single coils simply means you have one little heated wire and wick. Dual coil therefore meaning there are two, stacked on top of each other. It’s therefore a no brainer that having a dual coil atomiser in your tank means double the vapour!


How about top coil / bottom coil?

Top coil meaning the little atomiser (which heats the liquid and turns to vapour) is situated at the top end of the tank and bottom coil meaning it sits on the bottom of the tank. There are advantages to both and it’s really down to user preference! Top coil tanks generally produce fresher warmer vapour and bottom coils smoother cooler flavour!


What difference does airflow control make?

Some of the tanks we stock have a fantastic design feature called 'airflow control' and this mean you can customise by the turn of a dial, how much air you allow to reach the coil when vaping. This fundamentally increases of decreases the hit of the draw you take - a great feature which you can also buy separately to fit with any Kanger Tank!