TPD Update!

Many of you may have heard by now, the TPD (Tobacco Products Directive) has been amended to include legislation which covers the marketing and safety of all Electronic Cigarettes.

We will of course be introducing the first batches of TPD Liquids very soon, but we have spend the last couple of months phasing off our big bottles. We have still been able to buy and sell big bottles of juice because the manufacturers and distributors still need to clear their non TPD stock.

Are you going to lose your favourite juices? Fear not, you are either going to see alot of your well known reputable brands, re packaging their juice into 10ml bottles, or some brands will be packaging little bundles of juice, say 3 x 10ml bottles into a box. You may also see big 0mg bottles with a shot of nicotine/ph/vg on the side for self mixing. Only the brands which have chosen not to go forward with compliance will be removed from store shelves. This is not because the juice is unsafe, but because we need to keep in line with regulations.

Liquids will all have toxicology and emissions test done on them through laboratories and this information will have been uploaded to the MHRA portal, a unique number called a ECID number is generated and even made public if necessary. This process will be the same for every single manufacturer wishing their product to be available in the UK and Europe.

What this does mean is that you should expect the prices of certain juice and hardware to increase slightly, it's inevitable, however we will do our absolute best to remain competitive and offer you great choice and pricing.

For anyone with specific questions please feel to get in touch with us here