Manabush has landed!

Yes Tobacco lovers, you asked and we delivered!

One of our regular Broughton street customers Dan (shout out to Santos!) came in with 'Chiricahua Sun' a while back and needless to say we jumped straight onto trying the rest of the range.

We have selected our favourites and we reckon you are going to love these liquids. If you love vaping nutty, caramel, dark and smooth liquids with a hint of tobacco undertones, then these are right up your street.

Don't forget if you swing by our stores you get to try these all on our custom tester bar, but for our online friends check out the flavour profiles below:

Nokomis - Sweet Biscuity Dark yet mild tobacco with oaty maple overtones

Chiricahua Sun - Sweet, Nutty Caramel with a slight savoury edge

Powwow Sauce - The most famous Manabush. Oaty with a desert topping


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